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Step-by-Step Guide to Convert PST To EML

In this journal, we will discuss how one can Convert PST to EML Free. As we all are familiar with the fact that most of our organizations have opted for numerous email clients.

Along with this, one fact is also there that several times we need to do the conversion from one to another email client as per need, but it can’t be done directly. For this, we have a manual as well as a professional suggestion. Before going further let’s have a look at some of the essential phrases associated with this write-up.

Note: You can’t convert your lost or corrupted PST file using the manual method. So, it is important to recover the PST file first.

Essential Terminologies

The two main phrases associated with the topic are what are PST and EML files?

What is PST files?

It stands for “Personal Storage Files” which is used by ms-outlook to store its personal data and these files are saved with the .pst extension.

What is EML files?

EML file format is basically an electronic file type that can hold single emails, hyperlinks, and other attachments. This file format is used by other email clients such as Thunderbird, Linux, Mac, and EML files can also be open in internet explorer because they are already formatted in the same way.

Why It Is Useful To Convert PST files to EML?

These are some useful reasons to convert PST To EML file format and we will mentioned in the below section.

  • One can easily store and open their EML file in various email clients and applications and can access them easily.
  • It will not fit up with the other folder on the desktop having the same file name.
  • The other file formats may create difficulties while working with different systems, but EML can work anywhere
  • Holds less space for storing data.

Manual Approach to Convert PST to EML Online

Currently, we have two manual methods to export PST to EML format:

  1.  Use Mozilla Thunderbird To Import PST Files.

Using the Mozilla Thunderbird email client, you can import PST to Thunderbird and easily export Outlook files to EML format. But, make sure that both email clients are installed in your system, or else the transfer of Outlook to Thunderbird will not take place. Follow the steps in order to convert PST To EML.

  • Install Mozilla Thunderbird on your system
  • Open Mozilla Thunderbird > Click Tools > Click on Import.
  • In this window two option will appear:
  1.  To import all data of Outlook to Thunderbird
  2. To import selected data of Outlook like address books, emails, etc.
  • Select Outlook & hit Next.
  • The migration process of Outlook to Thunderbird will begin.
  • After completion, Outlook data will appear in Thunderbird. It means the PST file has been converter into EML.
  • To see converted Outlook file to EML format, select all emails using CTRL + A command. Click right and click on the Save As.
  • Establish the location to save the output EML file. Get the converted file from Windows Explorer.

Though the above manual method is cost-effective its has some limitations as well .let’s have a look at a few of them.

Drawbacks of Manual Methods  

  • It is a very lengthy process to convert PST files to EML.
  • Time-consuming process. you should have installed Outlook, Thunderbird and outlook express on your machine otherwise it will take too long for the conversion
  • Users who have technical knowledge can only apply manual techniques with ease. Nave users may have to suffer lots of difficulties while doing the same.

We got to know from the information that is not that easy to use a manual process for PST to EML conversion, especially for naive users. In that case, you can take the help of any third-party solution. It makes your conversion easier and faster.

2. Automated explanation to convert PST files to EML file format

 Manual methods are doable only if the conversion files are limited, so it is intellectual to go for a PST to EML converter. You can try Cigati PST Converter, one of the renowned software which can help you to convert PST to EML free without losing data integrity. You can achieve conversion with the following few simple steps. Look at some other highlighted features of PST to EML extractor:

  • Fast and easier conversion of PST files to EML.
  • Can do the conversion with single as well as files in bulk.
  • Also help to convert PST to MBOX and other 16+ formats.
  • able to convert encrypted and corrupted PST files.
  • Can work with all major versions of outlook.
  • Naming convention feature while exporting.
  • Get automatically updated with introductions of new features.


If the above manual methods do not work well for you. You can always check in for the direct method which gives you risk-free PST to EML conversion for free. It is the most secure and reliable method to convert PST file to EML file format.

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