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Best Practices to Convert PDF to Plain Text

In today’s work environment, a PDF file has become a vital format as a digital replacement for papers and holds a bundle of crucial data. But when we need to edit some text in PDF that time, we face difficulties because the PDF file is hard to edit compared to a plain text file. In this article, we will give you some authentic methods to convert PDF to Text format using manual methods or you can go with the PDF Converter Tool.

PDF is an accessible file format used to share documents, including text, images, links, etc. A PDF file is not easily editable or makes changes in the file. In contrast, a TXT file is a standard text document that contains plain text. It can be opened or edited. It uses to store notes, manuscripts, and other text-based information.

Sometimes a user needs to change some text in PDF files, but we know to make changes in PDF is not easy. So the users started seeking solutions for converting PDF to Text format because a text file is easily editable. In the following part, we will see some chief reasons for changing PDF to .txt format.

Principal Reasons to Export PDF to a Text File

In the following part, the reasons are mentioned to understand the users that why there need to export PDF to plain text format.

  • A PDF file is hard to edit, whereas a plain text file is easily editable.
  • Sometimes PDF files are large, depending on the data in the document, but a TXT file is always smaller in file length compared to a PDF.
  • If users want to view PDFs on their PC, they need to install an application to open the PDF files. On the contrary, a text file viewer comes inbuilt with computers or PCs.
  • TXT files are also used for writing and storing source codes by programmers because they can quickly edit and save. On the contrary, PDF files are not used by programmers.

The above reasons are sufficient to understand the importance of exporting a PDF file into a Text file. In the next section, we are giving a solution with a manual method to convert your .pdf files to .txt format.

Manual Method to Convert PDF to Text File

Following are some steps through which you can effectively execute your task.

  • Select a PDF file, right-click on it, and hit on Open With.
  • After that choose MS Word, and tap the OK button.
choose MS Word
  • In Microsoft Word, click on the File Menu and choose Save As option.
Save As option
  • Here choose the destination and select the Plain Text option from Save as type, then tap the Save button.
Plain Text option from Save as type
  • A new wizard will be opened here, hit the OK button again and click on Yes.
OK button
  • Now you can see a Text Document File created at the given location.
Text Document File created

With the help of the above steps, you can easily convert your PDF into a Plain Text file. But there are some drawbacks of the manual method, which are described here.

Limitations of the Manual Method

Here are some restrictions of the manual process to convert PDF to Text format, which you can face.

  • You can convert only one PDF file at a time.
  • The TXT file does not maintain the original formatting after conversion.
  • The user must have the technical knowledge to perform the manual method.
  • It is a time taking procedure.

These are some drawbacks of the manual process, which you can pass over by simply switching to the Professional method. In the upcoming section, we have discussed the Professional Approach and its functions.

Convert PDF to Text File Using A Best Professional Utility

The PDF Converter Tool is a leading tool that helps to export PDF to various file formats like TXT, DOC, DOCX, XML, etc. And, also the utility saves PDF files into multiple image formats such as PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, etc. Additionally, there are also some advanced features of the tool, which are pointing in the next part.

Extra Benefits of The PDF Converter Tool

Following are some additional advantages of the utility, which you can explore them.

  • You can convert PDF files to numerous file formats like EML, MSG, JPEG, EMF, PNG, GIF, BMP, TGA, PPM, TIFF, HTML, SVG, PPT, EPUB, MOBI, RTF.
  • It allows the users to specify Pixel, DPI, and image quality when saving the PDF file into image formats.
  • This utility is compatible with Windows 11 and its below versions.
  • The PDF Converter Tool provides a simple User Interface that makes it easy to use for users.


Through this article, we have analyzed the techniques of how to export PDF to Text files using manual and professional methods. During the manual process, you have interacted with some limitations whether you have seen the extra benefits of the Professional Method and its functions. I hope, this blog has given you sufficient knowledge to perform the steps to convert PDF to Text format.

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