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How to Convert OST to EML in Easy Steps – [2024]

Sometimes, OST files become a predicament for any user because of their hidden location, automatic recreation, or multiple files. Especially if users want to change their email client or save them to some other device. In this scenario, EML File comes as a savior. EML stands for Electronic Mail. It’s a way to save an email message as a single file. This format is like a common language that many email programs can understand. Because of this, users can open EML files with many different email programs, servers, and other applications. Conversely, an OST file only can be used in Microsoft Outlook. However, a user can convert OST to EML manually or opt for OST to PST Converter software.

This article will explain how easily users can convert their emails from Outlook to EML. Along with that, we will discuss the need for it. So you can switch programs without any trouble.

Common Reasons to Change OST to EML

There could be various reasons to convert OST files to EML. Here are a few standard reasons to perform so.

  • Your Outlook emails are stored in OST files. But OST files only work with Outlook. If you want to open your emails on a different device, you must Convert Outlook OST to EML first.
  • EML files are easier to work with than OST files. It makes them a better option for backing up copies of your emails.
  • If you’re switching from Outlook to a different email client like Thunderbird or Gmail. EML files are easily imported into these programs, while OST files are not.
  • EML files are individual messages that can be easily shared with others through email or saved on any storage device. Sharing OST files is more unmanageable.

The above-given problems could be some of your reasons for converting. Now, we will walk through the techniques to convert OST to EML.

Top 2 Solutions to Convert Outlook OST to EML

We will provide you with two methods to perform your task most safely. First will be a lengthy approach that includes various steps to perform. On the other hand, the more effortless and time-saving could be an automatic way. Users can choose according to their needs.

Manual Technique To Convert OST File to EML

Converting OST emails to EML can be a bit of work, but it’s doable using Gmail and Thunderbird. We’ll walk you through the steps.

Step 1: Configure Gmail Account With Microsoft Outlook

  • First of all, Login to Gmail and open the Settings.
  • After that, in Forwarding and POP/IMAP and Enable IMAP.
  • Now, select the Save Changes key to activate IMAP.
  • Then, visit to
  • Go to the Security option and activate Less Secure App access.
  • Afterward, open the Microsoft Outlook app and go to the file option.
  • Open the Add Account option and fill in the required Details.
  •  After the validation, click the Finish Button.

Step 2: Forward Outlook Emails To Gmail

  • Open the New Folder option on Gmail Mailbox.
  • Now, put a folder name and select the emails to import to convert OST to EML.
  • After that, Drag and Drop the selected emails.

Step 3: Connect your Gmail Account with Thunderbird

  • Open the Tools option on your Mozilla Thunderbird in your system.
  • After choosing the Options in your Tools option, open the Account setting.
  • Now, in the account setting option, click the Account Action, and select the Add Mail Account Option.  
  • Afterward, fill in the asked details such as Name, email, and Password.
  • Then, select IMAP and click on Done.

Step 4: Export the EML File From Mozilla Thunderbird

  • Now, open the Gmail Mailbox and select the emails you want to export.
  • Then, drop the selected emails into the machine.
  • At last, this will convert OST to EML files.

However, the steps above allow you to change OST to EML. But before you dive in, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Limitation of Manual Technique

Users can convert OST to EML with the manual method, but there are a few limitations to this method.

  • This method can not be helpful in the case of immense data.
  • This process can be time-consuming and lengthy.
  • There are possibilities of data loss or corruption with this method.
  • We can not find any particular way to make this manual process easy.

Below, we are mentioning an effortless and direct approach to convert OST to ELM. This automatic method lets you convert a bunch of OST files to EML format simultaneously

Modern Technique to Convert Outlook OST to EML

OST to EML Converter excels as a powerful and thorough solution for OST file conversion. This tool can handle even disconnected OST files. You can also convert a bulk of emails at once. This automated OST to EML converter eliminates the need for tedious manual conversion. Not only does this tool convert OST in EML, But it can also convert Outlook emails to MSG, MBOX, and many more. For your better understanding, we will go through the steps of performing OST to EML conversion. 

Steps To Convert OST To EML Automatically

  • Download, install, and run the OST to PST converter on your device.
  • Then, click the Add File and choose your PST File.
  • After the scanning, press the OK button.
  • Now you can have a Preview of the OST mailboxes before converting them.
  • Next, click Save and choose a destination folder to save the recovered OST files.
  •  After choosing the path, press OK to convert OST To EML.
  • In the end, you will get your successfully converted EML files.

Wrapping Up:

Converting OST emails to EML can be tricky. Doing it manually might be complicated and only sometimes guarantees your data is safe. With an automated method, users can save their valuable time and effort. Most people prefer the automatic way because it’s simpler and allows a larger conversion. Ultimately, you can opt for the best way to convert OST to EML which suits your needs.

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