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Working Methods to Convert OST to EML File Format


  • Published on:  September 2nd, 2020

In this article, we are going to disclose the tips and tricks to profoundly convert OST to EML file effortlessly. As the research says, the two distinct file formats are so tricky that there is no such manual method verified yet. So possibly, we will mention some tips and automated solutions to perform the migration between the two.

First, take a look at situations in which users feel the urge to move from OST to EML file format.


When an OST file requires conversion to EML file extension, it certainly ends up on two probable causes for such migration.

Case 1 – when the file is associated with Exchange Server

Case 2 – detached OST file

Now, in the above two explained situations, the solutions methods will vary. 

Outlook 365 Can’t Connect to the Exchange Server

If a user’s Outlook account is associated with Exchange Server, then the Outlook OST to EML conversion procedure will be done in two sections. Before proceeding the conversion, some prerequisites need to make sure.


  • A user must have an active IMAP configured Gmail account in Outlook. If not, then make sure it’s done before continuing the conversion.
  • A support EML format mail client must be installed on your local PC. 

Methods to Export OST to EML using Manual Approach

As discussed above, there is no certain manual approach available yet to perform the conversion between two mail clients respectively. So, here we have defined some tips to convert OST to EML file.

  • Replicate OST File Data to Synchronized Gmail Account
    To continue the transfer process, a user first requires to replicate or export the desired OST file data to the associated Gmail account. To do so, use the drag-drop method.

  • Associate Same Gmail Account with Mozilla Thunderbird
    Later, an individual must connect the same Gmail account with Mozilla Thunderbird. When a user has successfully synchronized the account, then all Gmail data will automatically transfer to the Thunderbird account. It means Outlook OST file is also available on the Thunderbird platform.
  • Pull out EML File from Thunderbird
    When a user successfully completes synchronization with Thunderbird, they migrate the EML file from it. A user simply requires to access OST file data in Thunderbird and then Drag-drop the messages to the desired location on your local PC.

It will automatically generate an EML file on the desired location.

Note: The above discussed manual method is not appropriate for handling detached OST files.

Limitations: In case, if you have a large-sized OST file, then the process might be extra time-consuming. However, the drag-drop method is not an appropriate way to move OST file to EML format. Therefore, to avoid the manual approach, you may need to latch on some other alternative.

Now, moving on to the verified approach that will exclusively help users export OST to EML format.

Commercial Approach to Convert OST to EML File Format:

As mentioned above there is no such portable approach found yet to migrate OST files to EML format, so one can take the help of proud utilities developed by professionals. One such professional approach is OST Converter. The migrator is embedded with various attributes. These attributes offer the individual an intellect to perform the conversion according to preference.


  • Safely exports calendars, tasks, notes, emails, contacts,  journals, etc. from OST file to EML format.
  • OST Converter properly handles the data integrity of the mailbox throughout the migration process. 
  • Advanced search feature available to help individuals explore OST files in the system directory.
  • Previewing feature allows viewing the OST mailbox items before downloading them in a new file format.
  • Permits users to migrate OST files to MBOX file format.
  • The utility lets users export normal as well as damaged OST files into Outlook PST format.
  • Exports OST Emails into Apple Mailbox conveniently.
  • Generates a LOG file of the entire migration process of Outlook OST.
  • Interactive GUI makes non-technical users comfortable while operating the utility.
  • Users can export OST to Outlook data file without prior technical knowledge.

Working of the Utility:

  • First, Install and run the utility on your local PC.
  • Secondly, opt the Multiple file option.
  • Thirdly, select the file via the browse button to store the file on the desired location.
  • Now, hit the Next button to proceed.
  • Then, pick the desired OST file you wish to export by tapping the Select files button.
  • Next, tap the Next button to continue further.
  • If you wish to view the preview or a hierarchy tree, then hit on +icon to extend the folder hierarchy.
  • Double-tap the folder you wish to view.
  • Now, single click on the email message to view the Attachment file content.
  • Tap the Next button.
  • Select the alternative and pick the desired saving file after the migration.
  • Now, one can add filters accordingly such as date range and the task filter.
  • Then, set the calendar filter as per your preference and pick a date range.
  • Next, apply the Task filter as you require and choose the desired date range.
  • Pick the file saving path by hitting Path to save button.
  • Tap the convert button and relocate the Outlook OST file into the desired file format.
  • Wait for the required duration, then proceed to the download process.
  • After completion of the downloading process, the file saving location will automatically popup.
  • Lastly, If you wish to store the file report, then tap the download report button.

Summing It Up:

This blog states all the required information that the user must know to convert OST to EML format. Although, the article contains every piece comprising circumstances, tips, automated solutions, etc. That can relatively be considered enough to perform the conversion. Moreover, we have stated the automated solution that might help the novice user rigorously.  The utility is embedded with an intuitive GUI for better user experience.