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Top-Rated Methods to Convert OLM to EML File Format

Are you looking for a secure and reliable solution that can quickly convert OLM to EML format? As you know, mail messages are stored in the EML format that is an essential component of the business world. Most of the business communication is done via email. Here we will discuss the two methods to convert OLM files to EML file format.

EML file is used in several email clients, applications, and servers, and it is also used to keep email messages on a file system. Many Mac Outlook users keep searching for methods to convert Mac Outlook OLM file to EML format along with the attachments. As the EML file is commonly used in Microsoft Mail, Windows Live Mail, and other email clients. In this blog, we will discuss the methods that convert OLM to EML conversion easily. But before we move towards a solution Let’s see the reasons to convert OLM format to EML format. 

Reasons to Export OLM File to EML Files

  • For accessing emails anywhere using other email clients, laptops, tablets, or other mobile devices.
  • To share Mac Outlook emails with others while crucial discussions.
  • OLM to EML conversion enables users to send an Outlook email as an attachment to multiple users. 

Method 1: Convert OLM to EML file format with a Manual Technique

It must be known that there is no direct method to import OLM files to EML file format. All you can do is use a drag-drop from Mac Outlook. In this method, you have to select a single mail and then drag-drop the mail to the desktop. With this only, the specifically chosen mail will be converted to EML format. And it is not possible to convert the entire OLM files to EML with this manual technique.

Note: As we know that there is no direct method exists to export OLM to EML. So to perform the manual technique first you require to change OLM files to Mac Outlook and then to EML.  

Method 2: Automated Solution to Convert OLM to EML

The automated solution is the best and most reliable solution to convert OLM Files to EML. The use of automated tools such as Cigati OLM Converter gives you the most effective solution for conversion. This utility converts OLM files into different file formats supported by other email clients such as PST, EML, MSG, etc. Also, it imports the mailbox components like emails, contacts, calendars, journals, tasks, etc. This utility has a user-friendly GUI so that any non-technical user can execute this tool easily. To change OLM Files to EML format using an OLM converter follow the below-listed steps:

1. First of all install and launch the OLM converter.
2. Choose the Multiple Mode and Press the Add File button.
3. Add the OLM files required to export. Click on the Open button.
4. Next, click on the OK button on the Notification panel.
5. Select the Multiple Mode then tap on the Save button.
6. Go to the next step, and select the saving format, for example, PST as an output format.
7. Eliminate Duplicate emails, apply a Date Filter, and provide destination & temp path. Hit on the Save button.
8. Wait until the conversion process initiates.
9. Then you will receive a  process confirmation message on the screen.
10. Tap on OK and exit. And after the successful completion of the above-mentioned steps, the OLM to EML conversion will be complete. 

Note: With the help of an Automated utility, users can also convert OLM to CSV, and OLM to PST, MSG, MBOX, HTML, PDF, and many other formats.


Nowadays, users like to access their mails through multiple email clients, devices, and operating systems independently of traditional applications. So, here we discussed converting OLM to EML with manual as well as with an automated tool. To convert OLM to EML users require to convert OLM files to the Mac Outlook file. But with the automated tool users can directly transform OLM file formats to EML files without any hassle.

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