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Free Method to Convert OLM to CSV Manually

Are you searching for a method to convert OLM to CSV format? Are you looking for solutions to export Outlook for Mac files to the CSV format? If you are, then go through the blog till the end. We will provide you with the apt method to undertake the OLM to CSV conversion without any issues.

The conversion of OLM to CSV is not an easy task, and also there is no direct method to perform it. Hence, users are always busy searching for alternates. Before we start with the solution, let us get familiar with both the OLM and CSV file formats.

What is an OLM File Format?

An OLM file is the data file generated by the Outlook for Mac application. It contains all the data of the user mailbox like emails, attachments, contacts, notes, journals, etc. You can transfer and access these files only in the Outlook for Mac application.

What is the CSV File Format?

CSV is an acronym for Comma Separated Values. It is a data file that is mainly used to store contacts information. Moreover, it can also comprise spreadsheet data in separate records separated by commas. 

Both these file formats are important, but the accessibility differs for both. Hence, the users want to convert the Mac OLM file to CSV. Let us take a look at the reasons to export OLM to CSV files.

Reasons to Convert OLM to CSV Format

The below-listed reasons show us the importance to convert the Mac OLM file to CSV format.

  • The accessibility of CSV format is way more as compared to OLM. The CSV format can be opened on Excel, Google Spreadsheet, etc. 
  • You can import the CSV file into various email clients and access the data. It helps to import the contacts into the account.
  • CSV format can store unlimited contacts in addition to other data. Moreover, it can be converted into a Contact file for importing into a phone.

All the above reasons show us the necessity to export OLM to CSV files. Moving forward towards the simple method to OLM file to CSV manually. Moreover, if you want to use OLM file data for legal work, then you need to convert OLM file to PDF file format.

How do I Convert OLM to CSV Using Manual Method

The below-mentioned method is the only manual solution using which you can export OLM to a CSV file. It requires the Outlook application on your Mac to complete the process. Follow the steps precisely to complete the conversion process easily.

  1. Start with opening your Outlook for Mac program.
  2. Now, import the OLM file into Outlook using the Import/Export feature.
  3. Once the OLM file opens in Outlook, you have to use the Import/Export feature again.
  4. For that, click on the Export to a file option.
  5. Pick the CSV (Comma Separated Values) option and hit Next.
  6. Choose the location to save the CSV file and click on Next.
  7. At last, tap on the Finish button to complete the process.

As you complete the above steps accurately, you will be able to convert OLM to CSV. It is a manual method that can complete the task but has some limitations. 

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Limitations of Manual Method

There are several limitations of the manual solution that restricts its usage. 

  • It is a very time-consuming and complex process.
  • You require prior technical knowledge to complete the process without any problems. Moreover, it proves to be quite difficult for novice users to execute the process.
  • There is a requirement to install Outlook on Mac for completing this solution. 

All the above constraints limit the usage of the manual method to convert CSV to OLM online. Hence, if you want to avoid all these limitations, you can directly opt for an expert solution, i.e., Cigati OLM Converter Tool to convert OLM to CSV online.

This OLM to CSV converter online is the most effective tool that can convert the OLM files into CSV and various other file formats like  PDF, PST, DOC, DOCX, EML, MSG, JSON, etc. It is also capable to import the OLM files into multiple email clients like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Office 365, Hotmail, Thunderbird, iCloud, AOL, IMAP, etc. Furthermore, you can include all the mailbox items and attachments in the backup process. The tool is embedded with several productive features and an exemplary user interface to make the conversion process smooth.

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Here, we have emphasized the best approach to convert OLM to CSV. You can get acquainted with these file formats from the blog. The manual solution can assist the users to perform the shift from OLM to CSV but has some limitations. To overcome all the limitations of the manual method, you can use the automated third-party OLM to PST Converter Tool Free Full Version version method. It is a professional utility that can easily convert OLM to CSV free without hampering the data.

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