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Proven Method to Convert OLM File to PDF With Attachments

Most people want to convert OLM file to PDF files because PDF is easy to access. It is a more compatible format than other file formats. So we will discuss the simple and secure methods to convert OLM files to PDF format in Mac with attachments.

Outlook for Mac stores the file data in OLM file format. It contains various kinds of data like email messages, calendar data, journals, contacts, and other user application data. You cannot open the OLM file in the windows operating system.

Therefore, the OLM file is not fit for every platform, and it depends on the operating system to access to open the file. That’s why users want to migrate OLM files to PDF file format. Let us discuss the several reasons to choose PDF file format rather than other file formats.

Benefits to Choose the PDF File Over OLM File Format

Here, we discuss the main benefits of PDF file format that induce the demand to convert OLM file to PDF.

  • PDF file format has wide accessibility at any device without any restrictions.
  • You can transfer your PDF file from one place to the other without losing the data.
  • The PDF file format is the safest and most secure file format.
  • It allows users to encrypt their files with an owner or a user password.
  • It maintains all data in the same structure because modification and changes are not possible in the PDF file format.
  • The PDF format provides a user-friendly interface to the users. This allows non-technical users to access the PDF file data conveniently.

There are some reasons to convert OLM to PDF online because the PDF file provides many options to the users. Now, we will discuss the methods to Convert OLM file to PDF format in the next section.

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Manual Method to Export Outlook Emails from OLM to PDF Format

You can convert OLM to PDF free with the manual approach. After converting the OLM files into PDF format, you can easily access the PDF file on any device. To convert the OLM files, you need to implement the following steps.

  • Firstly, open the MS Outlook for Mac on your system.
  • Then, choose the OLM file to save it to PDF.
  • Now, you can see the file in the reading pane.
  • After that, click on the file menu, select the Print option.
  • Then, a print window will appear.
  • Choose the Save as PDF option from the Dropdown menu.
  • Now, provide the file name, and select the location to save the file.
  • After that, click on the Save button.
  • Now, you can easily access the PDF file from the specified location.

These are the steps to migrate the OLM file to PDF format manually. However, this method has some limitations due to which users want the alternate to export OLM files to PDF. You should try the advanced software approach to convert OLM file to PDF format in Mac with an attachment. Meanwhile, before discussing the alternate solution, let us be familiar with the limitations of the traditional approach.

Drawbacks to Save OLM File to PDF Using Manual Method

Following are some limitations that force you to avoid the manual method.

  • It is a lengthy procedure to convert OLM to PDF.
  • Inaccurate execution of the step leads to data loss.
  • You can’t migrate the OLM files to PDF with the attachments.
  • Required technical knowledge to implement the process.
  • There is no possibility to convert multiple OLM files at a time.

These are the limitations of the manual method to export Outlook emails from OLM to PDF format. Now, we will discuss the best alternative in the next section.

Advanced Software Approach to Convert OLM file to PDF

If you are searching for a secure and reliable solution to export OLM file to PDF format. Then, you should opt for the Cigati OLM Converter to convert OLM files to PDF format. It is one of the best OLM to PDF converters that can also facilitate converting into other formats like EML, MSG, PST, MBOX, etc. This tool works with advanced technology that helps to convert OLM files to PDF file format in Mac with attachments.

This OLM to PDF converter allows users to directly export OLM to various email clients like Yahoo, Gmail, Thunderbird, Office 365, Live exchange, etc. It has some advanced features like removing duplicate emails, mail filter, etc., that optimize the whole conversion process. Additionally, it is the most secure and reliable software and comes with a simple user interface.

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OLM files have some restrictions that generate the need to convert OLM file to PDF. In this article, we have explained the detailed manual procedure to save the OLM file in a more compatible and secure format. However, due to the complexity of the manual process, there is a high chance of data loss. Therefore, it is recommended to opt for the OLM to PDF converter to ensure high data integrity.

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