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Most Simple Approach to Convert NSF to MBOX in Batch

In this article, we will discuss the simple and secure method to convert NSF to MBOX file format. If you are looking for a solution, then you need to follow this complete guide. Here, you can find the manual and professional methods.

IBM Lotus business solution created an NSF file. Recently, the name of Lotus Notes has been changed, and the name is HCL Notes. This email client stores all the data in .nsf file format. Also, this file format contains emails, documents, appointments, forms, and views. As the Lotus Notes works on the Domino Server, therefore, you can open the NSF file in only Lotus Notes.

On the other hand, the MBOX file format is the popular file format that contains the entire inbox’s messages in a single text file. You can open the MBOX file in different email clients like Apple Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird. Apart from that, there are several reasons to convert NSF file to MBOX file format.

Reasons to Convert NSF to MBOX File Format

There are several reasons to convert Lotus Notes NSF file to MBOX. We will see the following points:

  • MBOX email clients are less expensive and user-friendly compared to Lotus Notes.
  • NSF file supported only Lotus Note or HCL Notes. But, the MBOX file supported multiple email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Sea Monkey, Eudora, etc.

These are some reasons to convert Lotus Notes NSF files to MBOX file format. Now, we will discuss the simple and secure solution in the next segment to export NSF to MBOX file format.

Manual Approach to Convert NSF to MBOX File Format

Unfortunately, there is no direct manual solution to convert the entire data of Lotus Notes to Thunderbird. But if you are going with a manual solution, then you can move only your contacts from Lotus Notes to Apple Mail. In this method, you need to first convert Lotus Notes contacts into CSV file format. Then, you need to import this CSV file into Apple Mail. This method is quite lengthy and complicated for non-technical users. That’s why we do not recommend this solution. But we have one of the best alternatives to export NSF file to MBOX in batch.

Professional Method to Convert NSF to MBOX File Format

Here we will suggest the Cigati NSF Converter tool that can convert NSF files to the MBOX file format with attached items. This NSF to MBOX converter tool is the most advanced tool and works on the latest technology that helps to provide an error-free solution. This advanced software can easily remove the encryption of the Lotus Notes NSF files before the migration. In this tool, there are many features that you can choose as per your requirement. Additionally, you can also convert NSF to PDF file format because PDF file format is the most secure file format. Some of these features we will discuss in the next section.

Highlighted Features of NSF Converter Tool

These are some advanced features that we will mention in the following points:

  • The software converts the NSF files into MBOX and other formats like PST, PDF, EML, MSG, HTML, CSV, etc.
  • You can also migrate NSF file to Gmail, and other email clients like Yahoo, AOL, Office 365, IMAP, etc.
  • It provides options to remove duplicate emails from your data during conversion.
  • This utility has an option to convert multiple NSF files within a single click.
  • You can see the preview feature, which helps display the email contents before the NSF conversion.
  • Options available to select date filter options for the specific conversion.

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This article discusses the top method to convert NSF to MBOX file format. Also, there is no direct manual method to export batch files with NSF to MBOX. Therefore, we have suggested the NSF to MBOX Converter tool that can directly convert Lotus Notes to Thunderbird. Furthermore, it is the most secure and reliable software that works with advanced technology.

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