How To Convert NSF File to PST

How To Convert NSF File to PST

Learn How to Convert NFS to PST. Looking for an easy way to convert NSF file to PST then, you are at the right place.

In this blog post, I am going to explain how one can convert NSF files to PST file format using manual ways and an easy automated way.

IBM Lotus Notes and MS Outlook are two frequent email clients in organizations but there are some users who want to convert NSF FileS To PST.

NSF file format is used by IBM Lotus Notes whereas MS Outlook works with PST file format. Accessing NSF file using Outlook is not possible.

NSF and PST file formats

NSF(Notes Storage Facility) is basically a database supported by IBM Lotus Notes and IBM Domino Server.

Generally, NSF is accommodated by Domino Server and can be downloaded by the users of Notes for fully relying on the database, which is utilitarian even in an offline mode.

PST files are data storage files containing all the information used by Microsoft Outlook.

PST files have a limit of 2GB, users will find their Outlook slow when the file is close to the limit.

Reasons Behind Migration Of IBM Notes To Ms Outlook.

  • Cost-effectiveness of Outlook as compared to Lotus Notes.
  • With Lotus Notes users are not allowed to log in different account simultaneously.
  • MS Outlook is more user-friendly than Lotus Notes.
  • During job switch user need to convert NSF files into PST files.

Now let’s talk about all the ways that we can change the NSF files to the PST files.

Convert NSF File To PST Manually

It is a freeware NSF to PST conversion. Used for the back process while conversion is in process.we have two stages in this manual process:

Stage 1. Export NSF files to CSV.

Perform the following steps to export NSF files to CSV:

  1. Launch IBM Lotus Notes on your system.
  2. Then click File>Open >Lotus Notes Application.
  3. In open windows and browse for the desired NSF file and click open.
  4. Now click Export on the file menu.
  5. Then enter the file name, file location and saving type on Export dialogue box.
  6. Click on Comma Separated File Value.
  7. Select the desired option from the CSV Export dialogue box and click ok.
  8. The Exported files get saved in CVS in a defined location.

Stage 2.Import CSV file into Outlook.

With the following steps import the CSV files into Outlook:

  1. Launch MS Outlook. Open file menu, click Open & Export and then click Import/Export.
  2. An Import and Export dialogue box will emerge. Select Import from another program and then click on next.
  3. Select comma-separated values as file type and click next.
  4. Next, browse the location for CSV file created while exporting Lotus Notes.
  5. Select the folder where you want to save your exported data and click Next.
  6. From the import, a file dialogue box selects the given checkbox. And click on finish.
  7. The data files from CSV Iis converted into outlook.

Professional NSF to PST Conversion Method

The above manual methods are helpful in some situation. But it has limitations too like, it is a time-consuming process, the selective conversion is not possible and many other reasons.

In this situation, it is good to use third-party software, as it is easy to also get easy for non-technical users to convert NSF to PST using data recovery tool. One such software is NSF to PST Converter.

Summing Up

In this article, we’ve discussed the conversion from NSF to PST using both manuals as well as a professional tool. It’s recommended to go for the professional tool as it offers other features too and is easy to use.


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