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Learn Complete Process to Convert MSG to TXT

Summary: In this Blog, we have described the techniques to convert MSG to TXT formats. But here you might be thinking of “what is MSG?” or “what is TXT format?” Be with us for the answer.

What is MSG format?

  • MSG is the format that was designed for Exchanging the Microsoft mail document, Microsoft’s infrastructure solutions use this format widely throughout its ventures. 
  • MSG formats file contains the main message body, contacts, calendars, and reminders, these formats are properly arranged in a hierarchical directory manner.
  • It is managed by MAPI (Microsoft’s Messaging Application Programming Interface).

What is the TXT format?

  • The file extension .txt is the most preferred file type. The TXT format commonly contains plain text only and consists of no formatting. 
  • A widely used app that can manage text can easily open a .txt file. Therefore this format remains most popular due to its supporting power across all apps and Operating Systems. 
  • The type of the file is the oldest file type as compared with its origins tracing back to the first computers.
  • This format commonly uses a basic character set which consists of numbers, letters, and symbols.
  • A simple plain text format file should only consist of non-printable characters such as tab, new lines, and form feed.

Next, we will discuss the necessity for the conversion of MSG files to TXT.

Why is it Necessary to Convert MSG to TXT?

As the TXT format file is the most common file format for saving the mails. And it is mostly used by all the organizations. As a result, most of the time circumstances occur when users require to convert MSG files format to TXT file format with attachments. Therefore it is necessary to know about the procedure for the conversion of MSG file to TXT file format.

IMPORTANT!! As many users have questions in their minds about the manual methods for the conversion, but sadly say there is no manual method for the conversion of MSG files to TXT files. So the question arises here how do we process the conversion? The only answer to this question is users can go with a third-party direct approach solution for the conversion of MSG file to TXT formats.

Here we have suggested the best possible utility tool which can convert MSG files to TXT with hassle-free process techniques. Next, we will begin with step by step procedure for the conversion by utility tool method.

Direct method: Convert MSG to TXT Using MSG Converter Tool

Steps to transfer MSG File format to TXT format are:

  1. Firstly, Install the Cigati MSG Converter tool in your System.
  2. Secondly, sort out or Auto-Search MSG format File.
  3. Thirdly, adding the Single/Multiple .msg format file(s) or the folder(s).
  4. Define the respective Destination Path for the Converted File.
  5. Choose the required Format as TXT or TEXT for the Conversion.
  6. Press on Save icon to convert MSG to TXT format.

Above we discussed a step-by-step procedure for the conversion, next switch next to know its features.

Features of MSG Migrator:

  • It helps to choose Single or Multiple MSG Files for the conversion at a Time.
  • Helps to migrate MSG format File into multiple formats – TXT, EMLX, PST, EML, MBOX, HTML, and MHT.
  • Can convert MSG to HTML effectively.
  • Able to transfer MSG format files into Outlook (Hotmail), Yahoo, Gmail, Zimbra, Thunderbird, and IMAP.
  • Helps to Open MSG format File into Outlook.
  • Give options to rename the required file
  •  50 messages can easily be converted in available demo version from MSG format into other file formats


We think this blog will help you to give the proper information about the direct tool approach to convert MSG to TXT, as there is no manual method for the discussed conversion. So, take your time and go with the best decision that will be suitable. Also, you can easily convert MSG to EMLX file format.

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