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Expert Techniques to Convert EML to MSG File Format Online Free

If you are looking for a simple and short way to convert EML to MSG, you can read the full article to get a perfect solution. But before going into depth-first, we need to get some information about EML to MSG conversion online for free.

What is the Difference Between EML and MSG File

EML file is the standard file format and is used by many email clients such as Outlook, Gmail, Thunderbird, etc. EML files look like plain text and HTML. Almost every email client supports EML file format. Also, it stores all primary info about the email messages text, attachments, and also hyperlinks. 

While on the other hand, MSG file contains an individual or a single mail message in each file. This file format is compatible with all Outlook versions. Every .msg file stored the email messages with senders’ and receivers’ information, all the attachments, and links from the emails.

Here we have explained all the essential information about both formats. Now, we are going to know the causes to convert EML to MSG. 

Reason to Migrate EML to MSG Format

These are the different causes for converting EML to MSG. We have listed all the reasons below:

  • EML file format can’t store additional data. On the other hand, the MSG file format can contain additional data from Outlook fields. 
  • When the user dragged an MSG file into Outlook, they created a normal copy in the folder of the MSG message.
  • MSG file takes a low space as compared to EML files.
  • EML file format stores data in the form of plain text and much like HTML format. 
  • Outlook takes a large time in opening the EML file. 

These are some causes to Import EML to MSG. Now, we are going to understand the process how to convert EML to MSG Files in Batches within a short time. If you can see EML file data in the separate excel form then you can read the informational blog to convert EML to CSV format with attachments.

Top 2 Methods to Import EML to MSG Online in 2022

In this section, we will explain the various ways to convert EML to MSG online for free using manual methods. Both methods have their own benefits but we will explain all aspects of both methods. You can also convert bulk EML to MSG files with these methods. If you want to get a better result then you need to follow all steps carefully. 

Method 1: Migrate EML to MSG Using Outlook

The users can implement this approach by using Outlook. If you want to get better results then you need to execute all steps in the same direction as we mentioned below:

  1. Search the EML file Location, then Right-click on the file. 
  2. Now, go with the Open With an option, and select the Outlook option. 
  3. Then, go with a Ribbon Bar, and click on the Move option.
  4. Here, select the other Folder as your desired folder where you want to save the file.
  5.  Again, click on the Ok button. 
  6. Now, choose your Email I’d, and tap on the File option.
  7. Then. you need to click on the Save as a button.

After that, you can successfully save your .eml files into the .msg files. Every user can implement this method to convert EML to MSG. But, this technique has some drawbacks. You cannot implement this method on bulk files. 

If you use the traditional method and want to convert bulk EML to MSG at the same time. Then, it can’t be possible. You can convert just one file at a time by manual approach. Also, it required some technical knowledge to execute the process. These are some of the disadvantages of the manual method to convert EML file to MSG.

Now, if you want to overcome all the limitations then you can follow the next segment where you can get the alternative way to get error-free results.

Method 2:  Quick way to Convert EML to MSG

If the manual method works not properly for you. Then, you can go with the professional method that helps you to get an error-free result. You can try the Cigati EML Converter Tool that can easily convert EML to MSG single file and bulk files.

The software works on advanced technology and its working algorithm helps in getting the error-free result. It is the most secure and reliable tool and everyone can use this tool whether they have the technical knowledge or not. Using this tool you have also an opportunity to convert EML to PDF PST, MSG, DOC, DOCX, JSON, MBOX, MHTML, etc. file format successfully. Also, the user interface is very simple and you can save or migrate emails without the attachment files.


In brief, we have explained the free manual method with the step-by-step guide but they have some limitations. This manual approach cannot convert bulk files from EML to MSG file format. So, if you have multiple EML files, then you can use this method to convert EML to MSG file format. It is a complicated process because you can’t implement this process on bulk files. Therefore, we will suggest to you the best alternative EML Converter Tool for converting bulk EML to MSG files format. It is the safest and most reliable EML to MSG converter online software that provides error-free results.

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