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Quick Guide to Convert EML to CSV Format With Attachments

If you have a bulk of emails and you want to convert EML to CSV format, you have landed on the right post. Through this technical guide, you will get a complete solution to convert EML file to CSV. We have introduced the expert’s solution for the EML conversion.

As we all know, EML file format is used to store email messages, contacts, etc. Also, the email data in the EML format is supported by well-known email services such as Apple Mail and Microsoft Outlook. These EML files consist of data like email messages with subject, senders & receiver’s address. Additionally, it is used by two of the widely used email clients, the EML format is the most common file extension.

While on the other hand, CSV refers to comma-separated values. It is just a basic text file with the information separated using commas. These files can store the contact information, but they can also be used to transport information between the two devices. After knowing the difference between both, let’s proceed further to find the major causes behind the conversion of the EML file.

Major Causes Behind Conversion of EML File to CSV

In the above section, we have discussed that the CSV format is compatible with various flexible to move instantly. Thus, several users want to convert EML to CSV format. We have listed some of the benefits of CSV files. Read all of them carefully.

  • It provides easy and simple documentation of the data.
  • Users can maintain sheet hierarchy and sequence of the data.
  • You can store text and documents in a tabular format.
  • Allows access to CSV files data using any text editor.
  • An option to separate rows for a particular record.
  • To view the EML file data, users need some email clients.

All the above-listed advantages of CSV files insist users to convert EML file to CSV format. Thus, users are always in search to export EML to CSV free. But there is no manual method available for the conversion. Thus, we recommend users to opt for the
EML to CSV converter to convert your EML files to CSV online.

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One-Stop-Solution to Convert EML to CSV Format

The EML Converter Tool is a safe and reliable utility that saves EML as CSV, PDF, PST, MSG, DOC, DOCX, MBOX, HTML, and many more file formats. Also, the software allows the users to migrate the EML files to different email clients such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Office 365, Hotmail, iCloud, Hostgator, Amazon Webmail, Thunderbird, etc. Moreover, this utility convert multiple EML files to CSV format. Additionally, users can test the software working by installing the free demo version of the software to test the software working before buying the full version.

Precise Steps to Convert EML to CSV With Attachments

  1. Download and Install Cigati EML Converter Tool as administrator.
  2. Click on the Browse button to select the EML file from the system.
  3. Now, choose the EML file from the system and press the Open button. Click Next.
  4. Mark the Required Folders from the displayed tree-structure and tap on the Next button.
  5. Choose the CSV file format from the given drop-down option.
  6. After that, tick the Optional Features as per your choice.
  7. Then, click on the Path to Save button to choose the desired location of the resultant file.
  8. In the end, hit the Convert button to initiate the migration process.

Why Choose an EML File to CSV Converter?

  • The software downloads EML as CSV format.
  • It can import EML file to excel in bulk.
  • Users can import EML files to different file formats and email clients.
  • You can save or migrate emails without the attachment files.
  • Also, you can convert EML to Word because word format is easy to edit or easy to use.

The bottom Line

In the above post, we have discussed the solution to convert EML file to CSV format. As there is no direct approach to convert EML to Excel. Hence, we recommend users to opt for the expert’s solution that instantly convert EML to CSV in batch. Also, the software is fully featured with multiple advanced options that provide an easy working experience for its users.

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