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Step by Step Guide to Configure Gmail in Thunderbird

Want to transfer Google emails to a different platform like thunderbird? If yes, then let’s continue with the following article to configure Gmail in Thunderbird for easy accessibility of Gmail emails. Yes! Gmail is easily configured in Thunderbird so we are going to explain how to configure Gmail in thunderbird. Let’s discuss a  little about Gmail and Thunderbird email vclients.

What is Gmail?

A major obstacle in Gmail is the amount of storage space available. Gmail offers 15GB of free storage space. If you hit that limit, the messages sent to your account will not be received in the inbox. To remove this obstacle, you can use an email client like Thunderbird. It will help you to free your Gmail client storage. 

What is Thunderbird?

Thunderbird is a free desktop email client that is free for Windows, Mac, and Linux in a variety of languages. The mail server can work according to your third-party email service provider, including almost every popular Web-based email service provider. Messages are saved locally. Besides, you can access them anytime as they have been downloaded to your local PC.

Why Do Users Choose Thunderbird Over Gmail?

Once you install the Gmail Thunderbird setting in your system. After that, you will get various advantages. Some of the advantages of Thunderbird are described below:

  • Free and Open Source

It is free to use, modify, update the software anyway, and share the source code between people. This is the reason that users always prefer to Configure Gmail in Thunderbird.

  • Message Management

Message management support of Thunderbird is searched instantly. It saves the search folder, advanced message filtering, messages grouping, and finding messages.

  • Standard Supports
  1. POP3:  Thunderbird Gmail POP3 settings. It is done to recover the email.
  2. IMAP: Thunderbird performs most of the abilities and functionalities with the assistance of IMAP protocol.
  • Spam Filtering
  1. Bayesian spam filter: Bayesian spam filtering is based on the Bayes rule. In Bayesian filtering, it provides you the possibility that a certain email is a spam.
  2. White-list: It provides particular uniqueness to allow access to particular services, mobility, and access.
  3. Spam assassin: Is a server-side filter that separates mail and identifies the spam.

Moreover, to know how to Gmail thunderbird configuration manually. Follow the steps:

Manual Method to Configure Gmail in Thunderbird 

Now, we have discussed Gmail and  Thunderbird. Similarly, we have also covered the advantages of a Thunderbird. Through the manual method, we can easily access our Gmail emails in Thunderbird. So to access your Gmail emails in Thunderbird you need to follow the below-described method. Follow the procedure for Gmail Thunderbird settings:

  • Firstly, open Thunderbird on your system.
  • After opening the Thunderbird choose the File option and pick New and then Existing Mail Account option.
  • Then, in the Mail Account Setup dialog box, provide your Gmail account login credentials.
  • Now, press the Continue button.
  • Next, Sign in with your Google account.
  • Finally, Thunderbird downloads your Gmail messages, and now, you can use your Gmail on Thunderbird.

If you follow the above-mentioned procedure similarly. Then, absolutely you will be able to configure Thunderbird for Gmail. On other hand, these manual methods have their limitations that can cause serious issues like data loss. To avoid such consequences, you can opt for a professional method.

How to Configure Gmail in Thunderbird Professionally

Use the professional method to do the same. Likewise, a software named Gmail Backup Tool implements the ultimate solution to backup Gmail mailboxes. It exports Gmail Emails to Yahoo, Outlook, Thunderbird, and other Gmail accounts. This utility is implemented with the Delete option after the Download, to organize space into Gmail Mailbox.

The tool is embedded with the range filter to select a batch of emails. Moreover, The Gmail Email Backup Tool can also save, store contacts, documents, calendars, and download Gmail emails to a hard drive or a system. In the same way, it is a complete feature-rich tool. It has unique characteristics that make it superior to Configure Gmail in Thunderbird choice among the users.

Most Highlighted Features of Gmail Backup Tool:

  • Backup all Gmail mailbox data including Emails, Contacts, Calendars, etc. elements.
  • Able to download and backup all Gmail emails with their attachments.
  • Designed with various options to save Gmail Email as PDF, HTML, EML, EMLX, TXT, MSG, MBOX, etc. file formats.
  • Users can Configure thunderbird for Gmail data to different email clients such as Yahoo, Outlook, and other Gmail accounts.
  • The tool allows the user to take a full backup of his account by downloading all the mailbox items on the PC, Hard Drive, USB, etc. 

These are the attributes of the Gmail Backup Tool. If you apply with this tool then directly you can access your Gmail in Thunderbird without any technical knowledge. The tool designed with high-level algorithms makes sure that there is no data modification till the end of the process. Moreover, it keeps the data in a maintained structure. Therefore, following the professional method is 100% safe for client-to-client migration purposes.


Firstly, we have learned how to Configure Gmail in Thunderbird with the above-given approaches. Secondly, we covered most of the advantages of a thunderbird. Accordingly, we also suggest using the best utility Gmail Backup. Definitely, to avoid the manual steps complications.  For example, with time taking and some time through the manual step, we have a risk of losing data. Hopefully, We solved the queries and advised you to follow the best steps.

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