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Quick 2 Methods to Backup Apple Mail to Hard Drive

Today, you’ll discover how to backup Mac mail to external hard drive. Apple Mail cannot directly store emails to an external hard disk. Users can export the emails into an MBOX file, which will be kept on the hard drive. Also, the MBOX file cannot be opened in any other email client. To view the backup file in Outlook, you must convert the MBOX file to PST format and then open it. If you are looking for a way to move Mac mail to external drive directly then continue reading this post…

Why Users Need to Backup Apple Mail to Hard Drive

Getting a backup of Apple mail is very beneficial for every organization. Hackers, spyware, malware, ransomware, and other threats target emails. The backup file might save your time when emails are corrupted or lost.

  • You can restore your data quickly using the backup if your data is lost.
  • Each email client or program has a size restriction. When Apple Mail runs out of capacity, a backup can help you to store the data and free up mailbox space and also you can migrate Apple mail to Gmail account.
  • You can easily avoid accidental file deletion, data loss, or external disasters by making a backup Apple mail to Hard Drive.
  • Hackers specifically target Apple Mail and use various phishing techniques to steal your data. When an email account is hacked, and you wish to restore it, the backup data is quite helpful.

Manual Method to Download Mac mail to External Hard Drive

  • Firstly, launch Apple Mail on your Mac system.
  • Now, select the mailbox folder that you want to export.
  • Then, click on the mailbox from the menu bar options.
  • After that, choose the Export mailbox.
  • Finally, choose a destination to save the MBOX file and click the Choose button.

If you use these steps to backup Apple Mail to Hard Drive, then you can successfully export the data to your desired location. However, this manual method has some limitations in terms of usability and the platform of the data. Now, we will discuss some limitations to export Mac mail to External Hard Drive.

  • Using this traditional method, you can export your data in only MBOX format. Then, you will be restricted because some professional email clients like Outlook do not support the MBOX format.
  • These manual steps are time-consuming if you have a large mailbox file.
  • While using the manual method, there is a higher chance of data loss.

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Professional Method to Backup Apple Mail to Hard Drive

Generally, Apple mail saves in the MBOX file format, and if you are looking for a solution, backup Mac mail to External Hard Drive. Then, you can try the Cigati MBOX Converter tool, which can easily convert MBOX files to external hard drives in multiple file formats. Using this method, you can easily convert MBOX files to PST, PDF, EML, JSON, EMLX, DOC, DOCX, etc.

Also, this advanced software allows users to migrate MBOX email files into direct email clients like Gmail, Office 365, Yahoo, Thunderbird, IMAP, etc. This software has a simple user interface and is easy to use. It is working on the latest technology that helps to provide a valuable solution. You can convert batch MBOX files in a single process and available advanced features for Migrating or saving emails without attachments. There are many advanced features, like saving the MBOX file content in the same destination folder, and you can remove duplicate emails from the conversion process.


In this article, we have discussed the top two methods to backup Apple Mail to Hard Drive. Firstly, you have learned the manual procedure that has some major disadvantages. Then, you will try the professional method to archive Mac mail to External Drive. Thankyou for reading this post! Feel free to reach us.

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