Best Approach to Backup AOL Emails To Hard Drive

Best Approach to Backup AOL Emails To Hard Drive

Looking for a solution to backup AOL Emails To hard drive? If yes, then in this blog, we will discuss some essential points to backup AOL emails.
The answer is AOL Mail is a cloud-based email application. Data security is one of the essential factors for users. The data stored in the user’s cloud email service is still subject to data loss. Hence, keeping AOL email on an external hard drive becomes more critical.

Why Users Need to Save AOL Emails to Computer?

While users want to open AOL email on the Outlook platform but cannot do the same, thus, the service provides a secure way to transfer AOL emails in PST file format that can view with Microsoft Outlook. Here some of the reasons are mentioned that give rise to the need to backup AOL emails to hard drive to recover deleted emails.

  • Large businesses and organizations save their email on the AOL platform. Therefore, the data of these large mappings are stored, which increases the security requirements. Hence, users are required to recover them randomly.
  • Multiple users are unaware that randomly deleted emails are not permanently deleted from AOL Mail. Instead, they are moved to the Deleted Items / Trash folder. These emails stay in this folder for around 15 to 30 days. Currently, AOL Mail allows the user to recover their email in case the retention period has expired.

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Two Simple Techniques to Backup AOL Emails To Hard Drive

Before we discuss the method for backing up AOL email, we need to know the different techniques. So, if any users want to transfer AOL email to a hard drive or another computer, there are two techniques. Using these methods, users can save AOL email to an external hard drive, as shown below.

Method 1. Save AOL emails to Hard Drive Using Manual Method

There are a few strategies to take backup in AOL email clients, whether randomly erased some time ago or permanently deleted. Follow our manual methods to backup AOL Emails to hard drive.

#1 Using Print Message Feature:

  1. Log in to your AOL account, open the message you want to export, and tap on More.
  2. Now, click the Print Message option from the drop-down menu.
  3. Then, hit on the change button on this tab.
  4. Then choose Save as PDF and click the Save button to save AOL emails to an external hard drive.
  5. Finally, select the desired location for the exported emails and click the Save button.
  6. If users want to forward more than one email, they must follow the same procedure to export the emails from AOL in PDF format to the computer.

#2 Message feature :

  1. Log into your AOL account, open the message and click on More.
  2. Now, click View News Source in the drop-down menu.
  3. After that, tap Ctrl + S and select the location to save the transported file.
  4. Now, transform the file extension from .txt to EML and open the generated file in multiple applications.

Obstacles Encountered in the Manual Method

There is a lot of obstruction to backup AOL emails To hard drive manually, which may create a problem for users. Therefore users always want to overcome this issue. Below are some of the limitations of the manual procedure mentioned

  • This manual method does not support batch migration; each email in this context has to be processed separately.
  • Each email message is not saved with a subject name. It can create confusion for the user when they use it.
  • These methods can take a lot of time to backup only a single email at once.

Method 2. Export AOL Email Folders To Hard Drive Or PC Using Professional Tool

If you want to protect your AOL account from accidental email deletion or virus interruptions, try a reliable Cigati AOL backup tool to keep your AOL account more protected. A professional tool, i.e., AOL Mail Backup has impressive features to overcome manual methods issues. With this professional tool, users can quickly complete the process. AOL emails rapidly move to the system’s hard drive or other specified location and support batch migration.


In brief, we discussed some manual methods and professional methods. Each solution to backup AOL emails to hard drive is explained here. Although, the manual way is a time-consuming process. The technical users would never want their time to be wasted. Therefore, an automated solution is the best option for users, whether they are technical or non-technical. Users need to adopt the right approach to backup AOL emails to an external hard drive.

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