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Add AOL account to Outlook with 2 Most Effective Ways

 Saumya Tandon

  • Published on:  March 3rd, 2023

Summary: Do you also wish to add AOL account to Outlook? Then, this article will give you a complete elaboration on how to configure an AOL account in Outlook with manual and professional AOL backup Tool.

AOL is a free email client that comes up with limitless storage for users. But it stopped providing all of its services to its customers on July 31, 2022. During this tenure, many users want to migrate their emails and attachments to any reliable email client. It might be secure, dependable, convenient, and have a variety of features. Additionally, it has the stability to remain in the market for an extended period of time to offer services to its customers.

When considering dependable partners, Outlook is a good starting point. It allows you to communicate online and offline. Additionally, you can configure multiple accounts in Outlook. It becomes easy for you to manage your multiple accounts on a single platform. Therefore, many users prefer Outlook to add their various accounts. So, in the subsequent section, we will elaborate on the ways to add AOL email to Microsoft Outlook. But before that, let us check why to choose Outlook, to add AOL emails.

Why Opt Outlook for AOL Configuration?

You might be wondering, why users prefer to add AOL account to Outlook. Below are some reasons for it.

  • You can access desktop-based Outlook offline.
  • It allows you to add multiple accounts on a single platform.
  • It is easy to migrate the AOL mailbox to another email client.
  • You can securely migrate your attachments.
  • If you configure an AOL account in Outlook, you can save your mailbox in PST format for future reference.

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Manual Ways to Add AOL account to Outlook

Take the below steps to add AOL account to Outlook.

  • Access the desktop-based Outlook application and move to the File button.
  • Choose Add Account button.
  • Enter the AOL email address and click Connect.
  • In the subsequent wizard, enter the password of the AOL account.
  • Once you’ve done all the steps, confirm the mail address you add in the next wizard.
  • Enter your AOL password.
  • Allow Outlook to access your AOL account.
  • Click the Done button.
  • Finally, your AOL account starts reflecting in the Outlook application.

The next panel will provide information about the AOL account configuration in the Outlook application. But sometimes, this method does not allow you to add an email account because of IMAP and POP servers. Additionally, you must have the exact IMAP, POP, and SMTP server numbers. But you can get rid of all these issues after using an automated tool.

Setup AOL Email in Outlook With an Automated Approach

The Cigati AOL backup tool is an eminent tool that stores your AOL email and attachments in PST format. Users can convert their AOL mailbox data to several file formats like PDF, MSG, EML, EMLX, MBOX, etc. Additionally, it also allows you to forward AOL email to Gmail, Office 365, Hotmail, Yahoo, and many other email clients. Moreover, you can save your attachments separately in PDF format. Furthermore, to add an AOL account to Outlook, you should not possess technical expertise and can do this configuration task in a few steps. Let us elaborate on the steps to take.

Steps to Add AOL Email to Outlook

  • Download the AOL Mail Backup Tool.
  • Add the AOL account.
  • Choose the mailbox items you want to backup from the tree structure.
  • Select the file format as PST.
  • Use the advanced features of the tool and click on the Convert button.

Once your AOL mailbox converts into a PST, use the Import/Export wizard to access AOL email account in Outlook.


The above article provides you with two techniques to add AOL account to Outlook. While the manual method needs the correct SMTP, IMAP, and POP server numbers to enter. On the flip side, the professional tool does not demand any such numbers. Additionally, it enables you to export your AOL mailbox to several different file formats and email clients.

About The Author:

Saumya is a proficient technical content writer with a deep passion for technology and a natural talent for writing. She excels in creating compelling and informative content that captivates readers on technology websites. Her areas of specialization include data migration, Email backup, and recovery, where her vast expertise enables her to develop superior-quality content that is both educational and stimulating.

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